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Social projects

The international social project "Hospital-online" will help many patients and doctors around the world and save many lives!!! A lot of hospitals around the world are still not equipped with nurse call buttons. My software package will completely solve this problem at once in all hospitals of the world without buying additional equipment! I want to provide it for free for hospitals. And I want to collect the funds that are needed to develop and maintain working capacity together with people who want to help save lives. In addition to calling a nurse to the patient's room through the mobile application, it will be possible to send alerts to the doctor on duty if the patient has become ill and urgently needs help. Also, patients will be able to evaluate the work of medical staff and the hospital management will have feedback, and it will be seen who of the medical staff is doing something wrong and needs to improve skills, and who is doing well and deserves a bonus.
In addition, for additional motivation of doctors, you can connect to the application the partner program "Thank you to doctors", according to which all interested partner companies and sponsors will be able to make discounts and gifts for doctors. Additional useful functions may also be added, depending on the amount of funds collected. We are able to develop useful projects and help many people around the world. You may also end up in the hospital yourself, especially during a pandemic, and you personally will need this mobile app to call medical staff to the ward. Take care of yourself and your loved ones and help people.

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